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***Friendly reminder that 4Next has recently implemented new security enhancements.***
Non-Mass General Brigham 4Next users – Please make sure you are entering your 4Next username, which should now be in email format. Your account is now secured with two-factor authentication.
Mass General Brigham 4Next users – You will be directly logged in if you are on the Mass General Brigham’ Network or connected to VPN. If you are logging in from outside of the Mass General Brigham’ Network, remember to use your Mass General Brigham ID and password to log in with two-factor authentication.

4Next is a web based application developed by Mass General Brigham used to support the transition of patient care from the acute hospital to the post acute setting. Staff at the acute hospital can electronically assemble patient information and communicate with multiple post acute providers simultaneously and securely. This data includes pre-discharge and discharge information in a HIPAA compliant format. This clinical data is real time enabling the post acute provider to view information as it changes. 4Next provides a high quality, comprehensive discharge record that will improve the transition for the patient and the provider.

News and Events Partners HealthCare is now Mass General Brigham.
Soon you will see this name across our system, including 4Next. Please bear with us as we transition the application to our new name. Thank you.

Please be reminded that it is very important that you keep your profile information up to date in 4Next. The Provider Survey Tab is located on the main cases page. Updating your facility information allows Mass General Brigham Hospitals to have your most up to date information available to them when they search and initiate referrals to you.
Please contact us if you have questions. Thank you

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