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4Next is a web based application developed by Partners HealthCare System used to support the transition of patient care from the acute hospital to the post acute setting. Staff at the acute hospital can electronically assemble patient information and communicate with multiple post acute providers simultaneously and securely. This data includes pre-discharge and discharge information in a HIPAA compliant format. This clinical data is real time enabling the post acute provider to view information as it changes. 4Next provides a high quality, comprehensive discharge record that will improve the transition for the patient and the provider.

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PHS Gift Policy Reminder

Dear Post Acute Provider:
Please note that Partners HealthCare System has a policy which prohibits employees, medical and professional staff members of Partners Hospitals from receiving gifts from any vendor of Partners. This policy prohibits all gifts from vendors to individuals who work for Partners, and gifts to Partners of items that are intended for the personal use of Partners individuals. There is no dollar threshold for the ban, gifts of any dollar value are no longer allowed. The policy explicitly includes holiday gift baskets for departments.

If you would like additional information about the Partners policy, you are welcome to visit the Partners vendor information section of the Partners website at http://www.partners.org/About/vendor-information

Thank you for your attention to this policy. We look forward to continuing to work with you.
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